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MetLife: If
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Winterfresh 05

Director: Jason Koxvold
DP: Michelle McCarron
Producer: Paco Vinoly
Key Grip: Nik Schulz
Crew: Eric Schulz,
Lisa Ingram, Adam Marks
Equipment: DTC Grip
Production: Complex Corp Facilities: Point360

Appearances is a song about love, loss and repetition. At least, that's what I thought. So this promo echoes those feelings, based on the idea of traces of memories left behind in a dreamlike emptiness. The insistent pace of the soundtrack is contrasted with a deliberate slowness in the visuals to recreate that uncomfortable stillness when time runs slow - but your mind is racing.

Appearances received its North American Premiere at the RES Screening in Los Angeles, and was screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival 2004. We're currently in rotation on MTV Subterranean and The Dive on FUSE TV. You might have caught it projected huge at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, the South by Southwest Film Festival, and the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2005. It'll also be screening at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art from July 17 to October 10.

Buy the album: it's awesome.